Researching Restaurants: How to Find the Perfect Eatery

Finding the Perfect Eatery

How often have you gone out to eat, only to be disappointed in your choice of restaurant? Dining out can be a success as long as you do some important research first. Here are five tips to help you find the perfect eatery and ensure a satisfying meal out.

Researching Restaurants: How to Find the Perfect Eatery

Eating out is an activity many people look forward to with pleasure, which can make the task of choosing a restaurant an important one. After all, nobody wants an anticipated meal out to be ruined by bad food, poor service, and an atmosphere that didn't satisfy the mood.

So how can you ensure a positive dining experience when you go out to eat? Research, research, research. Here's how to find the perfect eatery to satisfy your expectations-and taste buds: know what you want.

Before you start your search for the perfect eatery, jot down a list of the criteria you're looking for. Is proximity important? What about price? Do you prefer a restaurant that serves ethnic food or classic American fare? How about a place that takes reservations? Knowing what you want in a restaurant will help you narrow down the choices, which can be overwhelming the larger the geographic area.

Tapinto your personal contacts. If you have friends or family members who like to eat out, they'll probably have lots of restaurant recommendations for you. As long as you trust their judgment, take advantage of this resource. Or, get advice from a co-worker who frequently attends lunch and dinner outings with clients. Don't be shy about using your personal contacts to steer you to the perfect eatery-and the best menu items to select.

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