How Setting Expectations Can Transform Your Relationship

Setting expectations can transform your relationship for the better. According to one study, people's expectations can greatly impact the health of their relationships. This article will tell you how to set expectations and what sort of things to expect from your partner.

Underneath every successful relationship is a set of rules, mostly unwritten, that guide both partners on the correct path. These rules are called expectations; each person has them, but very few establish them. What you and your partner both want out of a relationship is incredibly important and can determine your romantic future.

One study examined 296 young adults who were currently dating someone else. Researchers looked at each subject's ideal partners and how they matched up against their current partners. The good news is that most people's current partner was mostly in line with their expectations.

However, those whose hopes were unfulfilled find themselves incredibly unhappy with their romantic partner's significant other. In other words, these people were about ready to end their relationship. Many people believe that romance should happen naturally and, in a sense, they are correct. However, couples who merely want to continue their passion with no destination in mind will have to confront reality eventually. It is only a matter of time until one person develops feelings and wants something more serious or until someone wants to end the relationship altogether. That's not to say that you shouldn't go at your own pace. By all means, take it slow and steady if you wish! However, communication and setting boundaries are crucial to any successful relationship.

This reason is why you should establish expectations. What do you want out of a relationship? What kind of partner do you wish to have? What sort of person do you think you should be? Remember that a relationship is a two-way street that requires effort from both people.

That's not to say that you should walk in with a list of demands from your partner. Any person who instantly feels like he or she is entitled to a supermodel with a $100,000 salary and a mansion will never find the romance they think they deserve. However, you should set realistic expectations.

So, what can you ask for in a relationship? Everyone's needs are different, but there are some things that most people want:

Respect: What good is a relationship without mutual respect? You and your partner should value each other and all your strengths and flaws. Nobody should engage in insults or petty behaviors. Instead, both partners want to make the other person their very best self.

Communication: A study from YourTango polled 100 mental health professionals and determined that lousy communication resulted in 65% of divorces. It's impossible to state how important good communication is to a healthy relationship. Don't be afraid to let out your feelings, but be careful with your wording. Avoid blaming or insulting your partner. Be open and honest.

Appreciation: Your partner doesn't have to love you solely based on the number of extravagant presents you buy them. They should also appreciate the little things like when you cook dinner, do chores, or call them to ask how their day was. Likewise, you should be grateful for all the small things your partner does for you.

Humility: Knowing when you've made mistakes and being modest enough to admit them is an underappreciated skill. Apologizing when it's necessary can save your relationship from complete disaster. Everyone makes mistakes, but few

Intimacy: This isn't the same as having sex. Intimacy requires finding out what your partner likes and being comfortable around them. It means being okay with their emotional vulnerability. Many relationships suffer because one or both people have unrealistic fantasies which warp their perception. This delusion leads to LInsatisfied partners who never feel happy
about themselves and their relationship regardless of who they're dating. It's imperative to recognize unattainable ideals and opt for realistic beliefs instead.

Catching unreasonable expectations can be challenging, but it's essential for anyone who wants a happy future. Some common misconceptions about relationships are:

You should never have any conflict with your partner. Nobody enjoys biting heads with their loved ones. It's scary to think of the first day you and your significant other get into your first major fight. However, the unhealthiest relationships are the ones without conflict. Those couples bury their feelings to make sure they don't hurt their significant other. By doing that, nothing is resolved and before you know it, you'll just, end up, one day, bursting. 

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