Hacks for Cleaning and Organizing Your Car

Cleaning your car can be exhausting, but with the right tips, it doesn't have to drain all your energy. The majority of car clutter issues are caused by a lack of routine organization. Read this article to discover some tips for cleaning and organizing your car.

Keeping your car clean and fresh is a more daunting task than it sounds in writing. If you own a car, you spend time in it picking up groceries, commuting to work, and purchasing meals under time constraints, just to name a few activities. Over time, clutter, receipts, tissues, and food waste accumulate, and this can also create quite the stink. Having a clean car is beneficial for mental clarity, and with some mental strength, it is easier to tackle daily and weekly responsibilities. To crush your car cleaning challenges, check out the tips below.


Remove All The Trash

Get rid of all non-recyclable waste: wrappers, bags, bottles, cans, and plastic from food or goods and put them in the bag. Be sure to look underneath seats and inside compartments, otherwise, you may be surprised a week later by an unnoticed piece of garbage. Speaking of recyclables, it is worth going through each unwanted item in your car to see if it is recyclable. Get a separate plastic bag to group these items. Items made out of paper, cardboard, aluminum, and most plastics are recyclable, so put them all in the bag as you move from seat to seat. By the end of this stage, you may have already done most of the hard work.


Open And Sort Through Your Glove Compartment

Sometimes your glove compartment can become a grubby breeding ground for dust, food bits, and pieces of trash. It is worthwhile to go through this area of your car every once in a while to make fresh space and ensure each item glove compartment, then sort the items into three piles trash, rarely needed, and frequently needed. All the trash items can be disposed of as soon as possible. The rarely needed items should be neatly folded and/or stacked to create maximum space efficiency, especially if they are paper items. Finally, the frequently needed items should be placed on top of the lower pile, or if that does not work, on the left side. Now your glove compartment is clean and organized.


Go Through Your Trunk Items

The trunk is the next area to sift through and clean up. Depending on how old your car is, your trunk may be riddled with must and dust bunnies, or be easier to work with. The main objective here is first to remove all items as was done with the glove compartment, but then take stock if anything is malodorous or unneeded. If you have done this more than once, you will notice sometimes your trunk becomes year-round free storage or the lost-and-found of daily life.


Remember, you spend a lot of hours inside your car. If that environment is clean, you can feel more focused and organized. Most people are happier if they keep neat living areas in their houses; the same is true for that vehicle where you may meditate or contemplate your days to and from work.


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