Four Travel Tips from Frequent Flyers

How to travel smoothly

With changing TSA and airline rules and regulations, travel seems to become more of a hassle each year. But frequent travelers quickly adapt to the changes and leam to make travel as smooth as possible.

Here are five tips to make your next trip easy, safe, and fun:

Luggage and Packing

Almost all airlines are charging for checked bags now, and carry-on regulations are getting tighter. Frequent flyers know this and are learning to pack smaller and lighter. First, ditch your grandparents' old suitcases and buy a roll. Think lightweight and re-usability for everything that goes in the bag; for instance, pack light crew-neck  Put a tag inside your luggage as well.

Don't Worry About Your Home

You don't want to waste any of your vacation worrying about back home. Make and keep a checklist of everything you need to do before you leave, and follow it. Turn off curling irons, coffee pots, etc. Stop the mail. Make sure everything is locked and secure. Tell at least one neighbor of your plans so they can keep an eye out and pick up any papers or packages that get delivered. Set your thermostats so air or heat isn't running as much as normal. If it is a long trip, and it'snot too cold, turn your water heater down or off. 

Allow Plenty of Time

There will be lines for transportation lines to check-in, lines for security, and lines to board your flight. No one likes to sit around an airport, but allowing plenty of time for known and unknown delays will help ensure your trip starts off more smoothly. Check traffic and airport delays around your departure time for a few days ahead of your flight. Allow time for each stage of your day, from leaving home to boarding the flight. An extra 30 minutes can make the difference between hours of anxiety and a relaxed, stress-free day.

Check all documentation

You will need ID to check-in for your flight, along with boarding passes, rental car and hotel reservation confirmations, and a host of other pieces of paper to make your trip faster and easier. Think through each phase of your trip from parking your car to picking it back up again. Check and double-check each piece of paper, identification, and documentation you will need.

Put everything except your ID in a folder or envelope that is easy to get to. Put your passport or other identification in a secure place. Have at least one copy of everything, including your passport, inside one of your bags. Keep a digital copy of everything on your smartphone or tablet. Even if you are trying to go paperless keep a hard copy of everything. You don't want to get stuck somewhere because you forgot to charge your phone. 


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