5 Questions to Ask When Hiring an Architect

How to hire an Architect

 Whether you have just purchased a condo or have spent years in one, you are ready for an update. Often, when a person comes to this realization, they also begin to realize that space, understands the style, and knows what needs to happen to make a dream into a reality.

Once you have done a little research and found an architect that seems to fit, you will meet with them to discuss the project and figure out the next steps. Sometimes knowing what questions to ask at the beginning of a project is daunting.

To help you with this here are five questions to ask when hiring an architect.

1. Similar experience

As the client, you want to hear the architects talk about not only their portfolio of past projects but also the way they work. There are many other architects out there doing something similar, but asking an architect how they are different will give you insight. You will see how they view the work they do and how they will cooperate with you on your project.

2. Project

What challenges do you foresee and how will you help me fully understand the scope of the project? A large part of architectural design is about problem-solving, and having an upfront conversation about initial design challenges can inform you not only of your space but also the type of problem solver your architect is. You will also begin to Understand your space in a different way. Maybe the wall you want to open up is load-bearing, so is that idea possible or do you need an alternative design solution?

3. Design

What are the steps in the design process, and what is your role as the architect? This question is very much about creating a roadmap for the project. Architecture and design fields have different phases of design. These can include Pre-Design, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Construction Procurement, and Construction Observation. Each of these phases Tiesto creating the concept for your space, finalizing the design, drawing the plans so that contractors can build from them, and the actual construction of your space. The role of the architect changes with each phase because the type of work changes.

4. Management

What role do you have during construction, am l expected to work with the contractor directly? This is a great question to ask when you want to figure out where the work of the architect stops. Some architects will simply do the design and hand over the drawings; this will cause you a great project to completion. Most firms these days will want to do construction administration, not only as a service to you as their client but also to ensure that the design is

5. Fees

How do you establish fees and what would you expect your fee to be for this project? This question is significant because it is the backbone of the contract that you and your architect sign. Fees with architects are usually either lump-sum or hourly. 



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