3 Tips for Successful Marketing on Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media can be a valuable marketing channel for businesses of any size, if done correctly. It can place your brand in front of a larger audience, help engage Customers, and greatly increase your company's return on investment (ROI).

But what is the correct way to market your brand on social media?

It isn't enough to publish a few posts and hope vou get likes, comments, or shares. To fully harness the power of social media, marketing needs to be done in an engaging way that will help build momentum for your brand. The easy way is to hire a professional and experienced social media manager to promote your page. To get started, begin utilizing the three tips listed below.

This will represent the first wave of people who will come into contact with specific post's reach by sharing to their own followers. The best place to start building a following is with your own contacts.

1. Grow your followers

Ask friends, family members, neighbors, and other people you know to like or follow your page. If your company has employees, ask them to refer their own associates to the page. This will give you a base to begin pulling in higher numbers. Other ideas on how to slowly but steadily grow your followers on social media include: Including links to social media accounts on business cards, email signatures, your blog, and website.

Using options like Facebook Ads to place important posts automatically in front of a wider audience. Use social media referrals as a way to enter giveaways.

2. Be Consistent

Consistency is key in everything. The first part of being consistent is ensuring you are keeping your social media accounts active. A good rule of thumb is to have no more than three dedicated social page accounts for your company because any more will stretch your marketing team thin. Although daily posting is preferred, posting every other day is fine if that is what you're capable of keeping up with.

The second part of being consistent is keeping the same tone in everything your company does. This includes all social media accounts. Any interaction a person has with your company should keep the same tone, experience, and story. Once customers know what to expect from you, they don't want to be misled by having another "version" of your business presented.

3. Ask Questions

Social media is one of the easiest ways for customers to interact with your company. While these do not fully encompass everything you should be doing on social media, they represent a solid foundation on which to begin building your presence. If you want your posts to do your company any good, they need to be seen. For them to be seen, you must have a following on your social media.


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